Shipping is very difficult, but it's also exciting, it's a passionate job. It contributes greatly to the
economy and human welfare by reducing the cost of transport. Today, 90 percent of the total cargo is
carried by sea in the world. Nations that dominate maritime trade also dominate the world.
Sea transportation and ship agency are the basis of shipping. Ship agency requires a
comprehensive and deep expertise. This expertise, which combines cargo and ship, has been achieved
with thousands of years of accumulation.
Cargo loading‐unloading, strait passage, passenger, maintenance‐repair, survey, crew change,
tugboat assistance etc. operations. are ship agency services. For the performance of these services,
the relevant organizations and units the laws of the country and the undue implementation of the rules
and any relevant information is timely services to notify the ship owner, ship management, operator and
ship captain.
Ship Agency is a service sector. A ship agent means representative at the same time. The
owner, captain, operator and management are authorized to represent their rights and interests against
third parties and organizations on behalf of that flag country in the passenger and cargo ships. This is
based on "reliability", which is the most honorable part of the profession.
With the experience our staff has gained by working for many years and working in various
departments of the operation organization;
We take our place in the sector with all services in the field of ship agency, such as protective
agency and husbandry services, including port agency and Turkish Straits agency services in all ports
of Turkey
If we collect the services we provide under the main headings except for the services mentioned
- Crew change services in Turkish Straits and Turkish ports.
- Transit ship spares and material delivery.
- Ship store, bonded store, material, publication and safety equipment, postal delivery
- Motorboat service and transfer organization.
- Delivery of cash to Master
- Fuel/oil/freshwater supply coordination.
- Crew medical support services.
- Sludge and garbage collection organization.

It is our road line to provide quality, professional, reliable, efficient and competitive ship agency

services. By establishing our infrastructure on a solid basis, we aim to successfully fulfill the demands
of our customers within the understanding of rational, disciplined service.
We look forward to receiving valuable demands from our potential customers and proving our