VDR Analysis is an efficient, accurate and detailed assessment of Company’s Navigational Policies implementation on-board vessels. It is also applicable to Bridge Team Performance analysis and evaluation reports, as well as Bridge Equipment operational performance and analysis of defects and troubleshooting.

Benefit For AMC Clients

  • Provides indisputable proof of crew competence during a specific route.
  • It can assist in order to analyze crew/ship performance along the voyage.
  • Replays events sequentially and examines actions and reactions.
  •  Detects a malfunction manifestation and assesses crew reactions and troubleshooting sequence to restore functionality of affected machinery.
  • Reviews and tracks crew training procedures and their effectiveness.
  • Easily depicts how crew observes UKC Policy, Master's Standing orders, etc.
  • Evaluates the Pilot’s performance and his interaction with the Bridge Team.
  • In case of an incident, VDR Analysis (data, video feed, screenshots, audio) may contribute to the investigation procedure as it contains reproduction of VDR data including RADAR, ECDIS, AIS, etc

Detailed characteristics of the service / additional benefits

  • Accurate, complete, detailed, validated.
  • Recorded behaviors may also be analyzed from a psychological perspective (upon request).
  • Instances of potential emergency or imminent danger may be pinpointed.
  • Alarms may be captured and/or spotted and correlated to specific crew members.
  • "Hidden details" and routine patterns that may lead to alerting situations if not proactively dealt with may also be identified.
  • Customizable reports.

Analysis team

Our team consists of experts and Master Mariners with proven experience in:

  • Maritime and Navigational procedures and regulation
  • Marine Engineering and Electronics Work Psychology
  • Forensics and Analysis
  •  Detailed reporting with emphasis on any Client-specific requirements.

AMC monitors VDR-related developments and technology breakthroughs to maintain an upto-date set of VDR Analysis services for our Clients.

Please click for the PDF AMC VDR Analysis