Alpha Marine Consulting - 2019 MARPOL Annex II & IBC / BCH Code Amendments - P&A Manual Updates

Ammendments to the IBC Code (Res. MSC.460(101)/Res.MEPC.318(74)),the BCH Code(Res.MSC.463(101)/Res.MEPC.319(74))and MARPO Annex II(Res.MEPC.315(74)) were adopted and will enter into force on 1January 2021. All ships carrying dangerous cehemicals and/or noxious liquid substances in bulk need to satisfy the revised requirements prior to the date of entry into force. The amendments are outlined as follows.


1. Prewash Requirements for Persistent Floaters

"Persistent floater" is a newly-defined term. For substances that are persistent floaters (having a viscosity equal to or greater than 50 mPaxs at 20oC and/or with a melting point equal to or greater than 0oC - substances that are identified by '16.2.7' in column 'o’ of chapter 17 of the IBC Code), a prewash procedure shall be applied in certain areas (i.e. the North West European waters, the Baltic Sea, The West European waters and the Norwegian sea).


2. Revision of the Standard Format of P&A Manual

All P&A Manuals shall be revised as per the new standard format, approved and provided onboard by 1 Jan 2021.


IBC Code / BCH Code

1. Revision of Carriage Requirements (Chapters 17 & 18)

Due to the revision of criteria for assigning carriage requirements for products (Chapter 21), the carriage requirements for all products have been reassessed, and most of them have been revised.

2. Operational Requirements for Persistent Floaters (Chapter 16)
According to MARPOL Annex II amendments, for clarifying the subject “persistent Floaters”, new provision 16.2.7 has been added.

3. Special Requirements of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) detection Equipment (Chapter 15)
As special requirements for the carriage of the following products, new provision 15.15 requiring the installation of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) detection equipment has been added.
- Sodium Hydrosulphide/Ammonium Sulphide solution
- Sodium Hydrosulphide solution (45% or less)

As the carriage requirements for most products have been revised as mentioned above, it is necessary for most ships to change the description of the certificate of fitness (e.g. deletion of some products from the certificate of fitness) or to modify the ship's equipment.


Ship Operators / Managers of Chemical Tankers are urged to update their P&A Manuals as soon as possible. Revised P&A Manuals should be approved/endorsed and provided onboard all ships by 1 Jan 2021. The vessels’ Certificates of Fitness should also be updated by that day.

AMC has prepared numerous Procedures and Arrangements (P&A) Manuals in the past and can assist in revising these in accordance with latest MARPOL / IBC Code / BCH Code amendments.

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