Ban on use of single-use plastics on board ships India & Kuwait

On 16 October 2019, the Indian Director General of Shipping (DGS) issued Order No.5 stating that single-use plastics (SUP) would be banned on ships in Indian waters with effect from 1 January 2020. This implementation date was subsequently postponed to allow more time for the industry to prepare.

On 28 November 2019, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Communications issued Circular No. 08/2019 announcing its policy to prohibit the use of certain single-use plastic items onboard Kuwaiti and foreign ships while in port in Kuwait or in Kuwaiti waters

A Ship Execution Plan (SEP), defined as a ship-specific inventory indicating all SUP used onboard, will be required by 31 January 2020 for Indian and foreign flagged cargo ships and 31 March 2020 for Indian and foreign flagged passenger ships, visiting an Indian port

In order to document compliance during Port State Control, foreign flagged ships intending to enter a port in India or Kuwait will be required to make a log entry / inventory list identifying all single-use plastic items available onboard the ship, and have them stored appropriately. Both governments state that no detention of foreign ships will be enforced on basis of the single-use plastic prohibitions when in force. Ship Operators / Managers are therefore urged to inform their vessels as soon as possible. Vessels intending to call at an Indian port should be provided with a Ship Execution Plan.


As AMC Turkey we can assist all our clients in preparing such Plans in order to document compliance with DGS Order No.5.
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Ban of use of single-use plastics