Alpha Marine Consultancy Holding TMSA 3 Seminar

Alpha Marine Consultancy resumes the valuable and professional seminars with an extremely hot topic for all Tanker owners and operators. TMSA 3 seminar will be hed at Sheraton Ataşehir Istanbul on the 14th and 15th of January 2020 and the seminar will be delivered by Mr Antonis Iordanidis form our Piraeus office. Antonis is extremely experienced and has a through knowledge of TMSA 3, where may new issues have been included and TMSA 3 as all involved will eventually see, has taken a completely new face and it differs immensely from TMSA 2. We strongly recommend attendance to this seminar as time is also approaching fast and all tanker owners and operators will have to familiarize themselves with TMSA 3 requirements making of course all the adjustments and revisions to their exisitng sytems. 

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