China MSA New Regulation on Data Collection for Energy Consumption of Ships

In an effort to keep our Clients up-to-date with the latest requirements, kindly note that the latest China MSA Regulation regarding Data Collection for Energy Consumption of Ships came into effect on 1 January 2019.

 We have been able to gather the following clarifications regarding this new requirement:

  1. This regulation applies to all vessels >400 GT engaged in international voyages calling at Chinese ports, regardless of Flag and regardless of whether or not an approved SEEMP Part II is already onboard.
  2. This regulation applies only to voyages to a Chinese port and not from a Chinese port (i.e. only the "last voyage" is to be reported to China MSA).
  3. In case a vessel leaves a Chinese port and the next port is also Chinese, then both voyages should be reported, one at each port.
  4. As a "port of call" for the purposes of the China MSA Regulation is considered any port where the vessel berths, regardless of whether there's any cargo or bunkering operation. For example, if a vessel loads cargo at Australia, berths to receive bunkers in Europe and then discharges in China, the "last voyage" to be reported will be the one from Europe to China (i.e. the last leg, from last berth).
  5. No procedures are required to be developed / reviewed; this is a simple requirement of having to complete and submit the “last voyage” report to China MSA.


Please be guided accordingly and contact us for any clarifications required. For detailed info please read China MSA Requirement