Navigation Audit Course

Alpha Marine Consulting will be holding its next seminar on 22nd of May 2018 at Radission Blu Atasehir and the topic this month will be Navigation Auit.
The objectives of this course are to provide proficiency to those involved in safe navigation, meaning that the ship is not exposed to unnecessary dangers and that the ship can be controlled within acceptable margins, at all times.

Navigating a vessel constitutes a significant risk. Participants in this course will learn how to use the navigational audit as a tool to improve, not only their own, but their Company’s performance, while also satisfying charterers’ requirements.

The basic topics to be analyzed are:

  • Navigation Audit Process
  • Bridge Equipment
  • Bridge Procedures
  • Human Element
  • Analysis of the Navigation Audit
  • Tools for development of Bridge Team


For detailed info please read our Factsheet and to Register please send us the Registration Form