AMC Turkey holding TMSA 3 and BMSA Seminar

AMC Turkey will be holding its next seminar on the hot topic of TMSA 3 for Tankers and BMSA a game changer subject for Bulk Carrier operators and managers. TMSA 3 in itself differs immensely from TMSA 2 and brings a whole new approach to self assessment as well as the safety culture understanding. As for BMSA its a complete new thing for Bulk Carrier operators and managers, one that will reshape the Bulker industry totally.

Antonis Iordanidis, our partner in AMC Turkey and founder of AMC Greece is a Naval Architect as well as a Marine Engineer and has significant experience with respect to the requirements of TMSA and of course BMSA as it is totally based on TMSA 3, he has also vast experience in the development of HSQE systems for shipping companies, Antonis has been in the industry for over 35 years serving both Greek and also Global shipping companies, He is also an IRCA Lead Auditor and Technical Consultant to the Union of Greek Ship Owners.

In this seminar, all the elements will be covered one by one in depth for both TMSA 3 and also BMSA. The participants will receive a training certificate upon succesfully completing the seminar and of course will gain significant knowledge with respect to the new requirements.

Whats new in TMSA 3 which will also apply to the BMSA

  • Much more detailed best practice guidance to complement the KPIs.
  • Extra requirements for HSSE strategic planning, KPI setting and performance monitoring, review and improvement.
  • Enhanced guidelines for risk assessment, auditing and review ashore and onboard the vessels along with detailed guidance for all the related tools to be employed.
  • Streamlining and merging of elements to improve consistency and make self-assessment easier and more user friendly.
  • Vastly Revised Element 6 and 6A – Cargo, Ballast, Tank Cleaning, Bunkering, Mooring and Anchoring Operations, with additional KPIs and related guidance.
  • Vastly Revised Element 10 – Environmental and Energy Management (previously Environmental Management)which incorporates the OCIMF Energy Efficiency and Fuel Management paper which previously was a supplement to the TMSA 2.
  • Revised and further enhanced best practice guidance to remove ambiguity and duplication.
  • A Completely New element: Element 13 – Maritime Security incorporating also the Cyber Security issues.

We strongly recommend the attendance of all those working in both the Technical and HSQE departments of both Tanker and Bulk Carrier operators , owners and management companies to this highly valuable seminar...

To book your seat please send the Registration Form  to by email.