Eskomarine will be holding the 1st Industry Update Panel

Inorder to keep the industry informed of all the changes, Eskomarine member of The Maritime House will be hosting its 1st Industry Update Panel on the 9th of January 2018 at the Radisson Blu Atasehir.

The Panel will commence at 14:00 hrs and attendance will be by invitation only, the panelists will include

Mr Juha Kiukas , Sales Director of the Canadian Ballast Water Treatment Systems producer Trojan Marinex.

Mr Dominique Philibert , Technical Director of the American SOx Scrubber producers CR Ocean Engineering

Mr Henrik Nielsen, Sales Manager of the Danish Bunkering Management Systems and Fuel Consumption Monitoring Systems as well as Vessel Performance Monitoring Systems Insatech


Each panelist, representing the market leaders in their resprective fields, will talk not only about the rlative products but also of the latest developments in the industry and the applicable rules and regulations. There will also be question andnswer session as well where attendees can have the chance to interact and share any questions they may have.

Eskomarine and The Maritime House ( TMH ) will continue to carry on such Industry Update Panels from time to time in an aid to keep the Maritime Community updated at all tiems with the developments.



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