AMC Turkey Completes ORB Part I Seminar

Alpha Marine Consulting Turkey completes the year 2017 with ORB Part I seminar
The ORB Part I Seminar was carried out on the 20th of December 2017 at the Radisson Blu Asia Atasehir and was presented by Ms Avgousta Pissaridi from our Piraeus Office. The seminar was once again very well attended by technical staff of the leading shipping companies in Turkey.

The Seminar started with conveying the theorotical information and thereafter the attendees were able to have a look at the most common mistakes which are being made in the filling of the ORB Part I. Besides Theorotical knowledge, the attendees also had the chance to take part in workshops with emphasis being paid to the correct methodolody and language when filling in the ORB Part I as well as the methods in checking the ORB PArt I and finding the mistakes. This of course gave an excellent inside knowledge and skill into checking the ORB PArt I to the company superintendents which woul be a great tool for them during their vessel inspections.


Alpha Marine Consulting Turkey will continue to deliver seminars in the year 2018 on hot topics of the industry. Our Seminar programme for the year 2018 will be publised on our web page in January.
We would like to once again thank all the participants for choosing to particiapte in our informative seminar and look forward to seeing everyone with us during the year 2018


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