Vetting Inspections Seminar delivered by Cpt Stathatos..

This month's seminar was on the topic of Vetting Inspections. The seminar was very well attended by numerous shipping companies office as well as sea staff. The seminar was delivered by Cpt K. Stathatos who is an ex Master Mariner and an active OCIMF accredited Vetting Inspector with 15 years of inspection experience on behalf of Oil Majors.  The aim of the seminar was to provide a detailed analysis of the entire vetting inspection procedures, an understanding of how the inspector thinks and what he is looking at right from the moment of approach to the vessel until his disembarkation. The attendees also had the chance to interact with Cpt Stathatos to exchange experiences which they have faced in their practical working life as well as to benefit from Cpt Stathatos's experiences.

We will continue with further seminars on topics of interest. Look out for further news.....