MRV Seminar carried out at Sheraton Ataşehir

Philip Tsichlis has delivered this month's seminar on the topic of MRV. The Seminar was well attended by representatives of leading shipping companies. The seminar aimed at providing useful insight and information about how the MRV came about; furthermore what the requirements exactly are and what owners and managers alike need to do in order to comply with the MRV requirements and finally obtain the DOC from the verifiers. Philip also explained how an MRV plan should be prepared taking into consideration the areas that are required to be addressed and the information which is required to be collected in order to formulate and tabulate the results prior to presenting them to the chosen verifier. Moreover, in addition to the EU MRV, the DCS (Data Collection System) which will be implemented by IMO was also discussed, going into specific details as to the differences between EU MRV and IMO DCS and what owners and managers are required to do to comply with the two seperately. The Seminar came to an end with a brief presentation of our services as Alpha Marine Consulting Turkey and the presentation of Certificates of Attendance to all the attendees. We would like to thank everyone who attended our seminar and look forward to welcoming all those interested in our next seminar on the subject of Vetting Inspections to be held on 16th and 17th March 2017 at Sheraton Ataşehir Istanbul.

Vira Haber 

Deniz Haber

Neta Haber